About ciderlab


Mark was one of the many non-beer drinkers who think that there is no refreshing, low-alcohol beer alternatives exist. Those festivals and identified in the pub on wine and mixes - also tasty, but not the kind of drinks where you quenches thirst with it on a sunny day or on the dance floor.

So when he found Mark cider became so excited by this thirst-quenching, light and surprisingly versatile drink that he is entirely submerged. No, not literally, unfortunately. He dived deep in the history and chemistry of cider making. He attended professional courses cider. And he did above all, a lot of flavor research. In the Netherlands, France, England, Spain, and Japan ....

And he discovered that sold very little cider in the Netherlands who made cider as intended. Ie: apples, and nothing but apples.

So he founded CiderLab on. Because "craft cider" fame worthy of the "craft beer" enjoy for years. Because it is time that the Netherlands acquainted with cider in all its variety: dry and sweet, accessible and scrumpy, still and sparkling, light and heavy, refreshing and warming, and everything in between.

Through CiderLab Mark shares his love for cider. For tradition, craft and variety of flavors. Here he recounts his quest for the best ciders in Europe. His goal is to get as excited about "his" ciders as himself.

And because the Netherlands is not only deserves a wide range sorted cider, but also apple country is ripe for its own cider production, CiderLab also provides a platform for Dutch cider makers.

Ciderlab is registered at the Center of Commerce (KvK) 63712881 and with VAT number NL.187947995.B01.